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Team Grizzly Jujitsu was founded in 2009 by Sensei Benjamin "The Grizzly" Rothrock, out of Octagon MMA in Greensboro, NC. Team Grizzly Jujitsu incorporates judo, jujitsu, Brazilian jiu jitsu, and SAMBO into versatile blended martial art that can easily cross over from the arena, to the streets and even the battlefield. Because of Sensei Rothrock's extensive military background, Team Grizzly Jujitsu trains military, law enforcement, and civilians alike for whatever their individual goals may be. Team Grizzly Jujitsu is a proud affiliate of the American School of Self Defense under Professor Tony Maynard, Professor Joe Moreira Brazilian Jiu JItsu, and Bulldog Fitness (Judo) under Sensei Graham Hockley. The mission of Team Grizzly is to produce life long students to the martial arts, fostering spiritual growth through the structure of jujitsu. 


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